Friday, 18 December 2009

International orders

Hey everyone! Just a quick update for those of you outside of the UK who haven't received your CD's yet - there are various cutoff dates around Christmas after which anything posted won't leave the country until the start of January. For Australia, I think it was half a week or so before I put the word out about the CD. For America, it was pretty much bang on, so it remains to be seen if some made it in time. Otherwise, if you're still waiting, your CD is on its way :]

If, after Christmas, it still hasn't arrived, please let me know. I'll be posting an update here as soon as I hear they're starting to filter through to other countries, so that should give you an idea of whether anything has gone awry or not.

Thanks again for the patience and more importantly for the incredible support! It's been an absolutely amazing start (almost!) to the new year because of it!

- Paul

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