Tuesday, 29 December 2009

For people overseas!

Hey all - I hope everyone had a great Christmas! It was nice to have a rest but I'm kind of looking forward to picking up the pace again. So much to be done! Anyway, just a quick note regarding overseas orders placed before Christmas.

If you haven't received your CD(s) yet, there are a couple of reasons why this may be: some orders were placed on, or after the date for last Christmas post in the UK. So while they were taken to the post office the day they came in, they might not have left them straight away. We also had some pretty crazy snowfall and anyone who knows anything about England knows, all it takes is a little bad weather to bring this place to a grinding halt!

So, that said, post should be operating as usual starting from today (yesterday was a bank holiday). If you placed your order before Christmas, and it doesn't arrive within 5 - 10 days please just let me know and I will send another out to you right away. I can also arrange for free download links if you want to listen to the album ahead of its arrival.

Hopefully there shouldn't be too many of you still waiting but, if you are - thanks so much for being patient!

- Paul

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