Wednesday, 14 July 2010

New site...and a fresh start!

Why didn't anyone tell me the old site looked so bad? You guys placate me too much. The new site is here and while still missing some bells and whistles, it's generally nicer to look at. There are a few things still yet to come - a Downloads area (including TABs), a tidied up Media section, and sadly Imperium Vorago has once again bitten the dust. But it will be back! I'm sourcing some nifty dual CD cases so in future, double orders will come in one -uncracked- case.

As for news, Euroblast is still looming on the horizon and all is set for October. I've recently forged a simian alliance with the good folk over at Toontrack, so expect a whole bunch of tests and clips and WIPs. And also, I'm very pleased to announce I am on board team Roland. This does indeed mean what you think it more keyboard drumming.

That's all for now. The site will be added to slowly but surely. Again. If you have any problems with the site, or the store, just head over to the contact form.

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