Saturday, 24 July 2010

Harvey Wallbanger - the TAB!

Figured I would share this with you all as I know there are a lot of people who have asked for tabs of this track, and it's pretty fun to play! It's guitar only, and just rhythm. I also haven't made TABs before so, if there are any goofs well...just let me know! But I think it all checks out :]

Download Here

Have fun - hopefully the whole album will be available in time and it can find a home on the website!


  1. Awesome news! Please, please, pretty please do the Terminus next! I've figured how to play one solo, but all the rest would be much easier with the tab.

  2. Do Far From Home next! The intro to that song is amazing!

  3. Gleb, I'm sure he'll get to Terminus eventually but in the mean time there's my own tab for that --

  4. Really want this tab but it doesn't exist anymore :( this is my favorite jam off the CD!