Saturday, 12 September 2009

A quick/important note regarding Ambient Metal Constructions

I've had a few messages from people who have spotted this riff from my Soundclick page in various places. I actually ended up recycling this idea and using it as part of the Ambient Metal Constructions pack, which is sold as a royalty free song construction set, so nothing has been infringed upon. I'll add a note to the upload later on today just to clarify this - either that or take it down completely. Not sure which yet!

I'm ever grateful to people who take the time to let me know when my ideas do crop up in unexpected places, and it's been of great help to me many times. If you do think you've spotted something chimpy, by all means PM or email me! If you have any questions over the usage of sample packs, your best bet is to contact Producerloops directly.

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