Friday, 25 September 2009

"At the Dream's Edge" - Progress

Here we go - a makeshift track listing, and progress update. Almost there...I can feel it. And it feels good. Like an awesome sneeze.

Supererogation [ finished + extended intro ]
Yellow Jacket [ 30% ]
All Roads Lead Here [ 85% ]
Probe's Day Out [ 30% ]
At the Dream's Edge [ finished ]
The Mirror [ finished ]
Harvey Wallbanger [ finished ]
Bad Code [ finished ]
Welcome to the Fold [ 75% ]
Mad Touch [ 30% ]
A Song for Heroes [ 90% ]
Terminus [ finished ]
Under One Sky [ 75% ]
All Good Things [ finished ]

As a maybe, "SRMV" should make an appearance but only if I can past the intro.

The order might change, as might some of the titles, and there might be a couple of new additions in the form of some ambient/mellow tracks but, that's more or less it!

I say it on a regular basis, but a huge thanks as always to the people who continue to buy my first CD, and remain patient with me and my terrible rate of progress. It's been a really long time coming but I hope it's going to be worth the wait. Now to make the final push...

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  1. the squeals at the end of Terminus make my life!