Wednesday, 13 June 2012


Okay first thing's first...this place needs a good dust off and a new lick of paint. Both of these things are going to happen soon. But first, I have some great news for you guys. Chimp Spanner is coming to the USA! And by Chimp Spanner, I mean just me...this time. Click here to find out more, but the bottom line is, this July/August I'll get to play some shows for you guys and experience an In 'n' Out Burger, which I've been told is very good.

As for other news, well the full length is underway although truth be told I'm still swinging wildly between two very different styles.

I've also put together a playthrough video for the first track from my current EP "All Roads Lead Here", which you can watch right here!

Anyway that will do for the time being. Now I'm going to go kill some of these pages and tidy things up a bit!