Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Massive Summer Update!

According to this website, I'm still 26...and that just won't do! I think it's time for a major revamp. But until then, I'll fill you in on the goings on of the past few months.

First of all, Chimp Spanner now has a live band! Paul Ortiz (that's me), Jim Hughes, Adam Swan and Boris Le Gal hit the road for the first Chimp Spanner tour with Aliases and Cyclamen back in April, and it couldn't have gone better. If we had any doubts that an instrumental progressive project could hold its own against heavy technical vocal based bands, they were soon dismissed.

Now, on to the next big bit of news: we're touring the UK again in September with TesseracT and Uneven Structure. This isn't one you want to miss guys, so check out the link below for all the venue locations and gig dates.


Lastly, as usual, new material is on the way! Anyone that knows me knows how particular I am about my songs, usually at the expense of speed. But with over an hour of assorted material, there's more than enough here for the upcoming EP and full length which will follow.

Thanks for being patient during this uncharacteristic musical blackout - I'm going to try and get some teaser clips/tracking videos together so you can at least hear what's in store.

That's all for now!